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  • The best time to ask for a pay raise
  • When the answer is ‘No’ how to use this to your advantage
  • How to get a raise even if you are at the top of your salary range
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My name is Patty Tanji
I am an award-winning advocate for women’s higher pay.
I have a passion to help women earn more money. I’ve learned and maybe you can relate.


– don’t ask for pay raises for fear of getting fired, not getting promoted, looking pushy, not being viewed as a team player

– rarely negotiate their salaries even if the salary offered is less than they earned previously

– lack the confidence and information they need to ask for what they are worth


I feel so strongly about women earning more that I’ve spent over a decade working to ensure our country and my state have strong gender pay equity laws.

Laws are not enough to ensure women are getting the pay they deserve. But, YOU are enough!

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 Patty knows of what she speaks


When I had a recent salary negotiation, I just knew I had to consult with Patty first, and I am so glad that I did! Her insight, encouragement and wonderful strategies made such a difference in my meeting. I went in with a totally different mind set, and with much greater preparedness to get the compensation that I deserved. Patty worked with me to pull out all of the important details about my needs, we evaluated the market, and she asked me the important questions that left me thoroughly prepared to answer, “so what would you need in a compensation package?”. She challenged me to stand up for the compensation that I deserved, and my preparedness totally paid off. I would highly recommend sitting down with Patty before any negotiation meetings- it’s an investment that’s totally worth making (and pays for itself hundreds of times over). You’ll walk in more prepared, and walk out better compensated.Maureen Laufenberg, MA

If you want to get a raise, Patty Tanji is definitely someone to ask for guidance! She is intelligent, knowledgeable, fun and she will help you to get to your next level of competence. Patty helped me understand my worth and to strategize about how to best present my skills and ideas. Role playing with her built my confidence. Also, I was able to see what next steps I need to do to prepare for asking for the salary I desire. Thanks Patty!Program Manager, Non Profit, Human Services

My experience of Patty is she is a magnetic alive person who is passionate for standing for my value as a female entrepreneur and backing me in my right to be paid what I’m worth. And this is not for any other reason than acknowledging I am valuable and the quality of my service and support I provide are invaluable to those that need the result I offer.

As a women I tend to want to take care of others needs and can often over look my own needs in this, becoming self sacrificial. Patty is an active mirror of my own self worth in this place of asking for the amount of money that matches what I wish to receive for my services. She truly cares about opening my eyes to paths and strategies I can take towards increasing my power. The power to take the steps I need to back myself in my value, and protect myself from falling back into the delusion that somehow I should just accept a low fee for my services, because of my many feelings of guilt and fear of potential clients presumed financial positions and time commitments.

Patty is proactive in my cause, well versed in her field, she knows her stuff. She is also intuitive funny compassionate and real. I found she provided me with the resources, materials, and guidance that were relevant and matter to my individual situation. I highly recommend Patty as a financial coach to assist you in asking for the wage that matches your value.Maya Terra

Good insights from coaching session from @ptanji. What’s holding me back? Need to let go to have capacity to grab the next thing. Thanks @ptanji for the pay raise coaching session today. Your thought provoking questions help orient and motivate me.Project Manager, Tweets by pay raise strategy session participant

Patty orchestrated an excellent experience that helped women understand the issues surrounding the pay gap and most importantly helped them put the learning in the context of their own careers and assumptions about wealth and finances. The experience gave them practical tools to plan a salary/fee negotiation and allowed them to practice having a financial conversation of that kind. I was impressed by Patty’s knowledge, experience and clear passion to support women’s success!Elena Imaretska

I recently had the opportunity to work with Patty Tanji, a Business Coach specialising in supporting women in the workplace. I observed her in action and I have to say that if anyone is looking for a coach to help them navigate the challenging and even sometimes treacherous waters of negotiating career progression and pay issues in the US, they need to look no further – Patty is undoubtedly an authority.Judith Sharman, Growth Accelerator’ Coach, Consultant, Presenter