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I am so passionate about getting women pay raises that I’ve spent years lobbying to make sure women get them. 40,000 of them to be exact! Over the years my work in public policy ensures that women’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are paid fairly and NOT whether or not a she has to leave at 5pm to pick up her kids!

Here’s how I help women (and men too) get pay raises! 


Everybody Go! With the Soldiers of the Minnesota National Guard.

Everybody Go! With the Soldiers of the Minnesota National Guard.


This is Patty receiving the pen from Governor Dayton. This year we passed the Women’s Economic Security Act in Minnesota. This legislation includes Equal Pay for Equal Work enforcement funding AND wage disclosure protections. Go ahead #justaskjoe how much he earns.


Passing Pay Equity Laws

Listen to:

KS 95 Radio Show. “6 Steps To Get A Raise” with Ryan and Shannon.

Patty’s Interview With Regina Barr of Women at the Top®Network. So you want to ask for a pay raise…now what?

Click here for Radio Interview

Patty’s Interview With Tai Goodwin of LaunchTalk. How to ask for a pay raise and get it

Asking for a pay raise takes guts and requires motivation and a readiness to lead in your organization. The key to your success: Putting together a plan to ensure your next pay raise creates a win/win for you and your employer. In the Launch Talk conversation, learn how to align your strengths to your company’s mission, vision, goals, and values.

Click Here for BlogTalkRadio Interview

And more workshops: 

Women In Networking,

Your Six Figure Success Story

Your Six Figure Success Story











Your Six Figure Success Story – panel moderator

Minnesota Business Partnership, September 12, 2013. Workshop.

Negotiation: How Smart Executive Assistants Ask and Stand Up For What They Want


American Association of University Women, April 27, 2013, Rochester, MN. Speech.

Beyond Tweeting, Texting, and Facebook Posting: The Conversation about Gender Pay Inequity in 2013, April 27, 2013.

University of Minnesota Women in Leadership Conference, April 26, 2013, Minneapolis, MN. Workshop.

 Leading in Life and in Your Paycheck: Salary Negotiation and Pay Raise Strategies

Women In Networking, February 28, 2013, St. Paul, MN. Workshop.

And How Much Do You Charge?



Book Release

Ready, Aim, Captivate

Put Magic in Your Message, and a Fortune in Your Future 

~ by Patty Tanji ~

View or download an exclusive excerpt of the book HERE

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An Open Workplace in the 21st Century!

Patty Tanji’s interview with Janis Wheeler

Caution:  Not For The Status Quo At Heart!



Women in Corporate America: Barriers and Breakthroughs on the Way to the Boardroom

2007. University of Minnesota, Master of Liberal Studies Final Project 

~ by Patty Tanji ~

View or download a FREE copy of the report HERE


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Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

Patty's contribution to Ready, Aim, Captivate will capture your mind and heart and set you on your path to new discoveries about your worth.