Patty Tanji is an award-winning pay strategist and advocate focused on achieving equal pay for women in the workplace. For over 10 years, Patty has co-led the Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota, an organization focused on ensuring strong gender pay equity laws in Minnesota and throughout the United States.

Because of her advocacy, Patty won the 2011 Century College Women of Distinction Award for her work on gender pay equity. And, in 2010, Patty and the Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota were named Champion Coalition from the Minnesota Women’s Consortium for outstanding work toward fair pay and economic justice.

Patty has a Bachelor of Science in Information and Decision Sciences and a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota. Her final project, Barriers and Breakthroughs on the Way to the Boardroom, focused on the challenges women face in today’s competitive working environment.

“I have a passion for gender equity and strive to ensure women feel confident in their abilities to ask for equal pay, value their services, and negotiate their salaries.” – Patty Tanji

YOU are enough! If you are ready to collaborate with a pay equity expert, find your confident voice, and ensure you get the pay you deserve, contact Patty today!

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Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

Patty's contribution to Ready, Aim, Captivate will capture your mind and heart and set you on your path to new discoveries about your worth.