An office love affair

The office love affair. I’m talking about the all pervasive, all good, unconditional kind of love affair at work. A massive group hug kind of love affair! A Mother Teresa kind of love affair! Can you really find that kind of love at work?

I’ve come up three million ways to find an all pervasive love at work but I’ll keep it short. Here are three sappy, slobbery kisses kind of love affairs anyone can experience. And you won’t have to leave your lover either!

1. Your silly girl, love. I noticed a little girl on her way to school. An elementary school was nearby so she must have been between 5 and 10 years of age. Singing and skipping enveloped by the cool 18 degrees temperature outside! She had no preconceived notion about what constituted bad weather. No one had convinced her that 18 degrees fahrenheit sucked! When’s the last time you brought your playful little girl self to work? That little girl before she got all the messages about hair, makeup, and, dare I say, polite behavior. How can you bring your playful self to work tomorrow? I donned a santa hat on my walk around the neighborhood last week. I loved the reaction from this simple gesture of goodwill. Your office mates will love the silly girl you bring to work. Even if they roll their eyes when you walk by with your googly eyes dangling, they will secretly laugh on the inside.

2. How can I help, love.  It takes a big person to reach out to jerks at work. And you know what? The jerkiest jerk in the office is the one person who needs your slobbery kisses the most. Before reacting to what J squared had to say (because he really knows how to push your buttons!) pause, and take in three slow breaths. Psychologists call this stepping between stimulus and response. Between J squared’s declaration that he really hates your idea and you throwing last year’s employee handbook at his permanently smirked face, chart another course. Instead, send him and you some good energy, a prayer, a blessing. Thank him silently for reminding you that enlightenment is a journey and not a destination and you aren’t there yet. Rise to the challenge by bouncing his hate bate off your love shield. Bake him some cookies and ask him how you can be helpful to him.

3. Say goodbye to the mundane, love. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut. When your greatest desire is to be anywhere but work (I choose Hawaii) and “I hate my job” becomes your daily mantra, its time to check in to gratitude. How about start with the paycheck of appreciation? And, wasn’t that an awesome tuna fish sandwich you ate at lunch while swapping kid stories with your colleagues? What about that lamp shining over your computer screen so you can see your work in a new light. Ready for a challenge? Write down 10 things you are grateful at work every morning for a week. You’ll fall in love with your job all over again!

So here’s the deal. To find that allusive love affair at work you’ve got to be the love at work. A little kindness goes a long way when given away freely. This is is my master plan to take over the universe! One love affair at a time.

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With gratitude,

Patty Tanji

Open Workplace LLC

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Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

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