10 mindset shifts before you discuss a raise with your boss

Just like dancers preparing to take the stage for a performance of Swan Lake, you too must rehearse and prepare long before you head into your boss’s office to discuss pay.

    1. Acknowledge to yourself that you and your boss are ‘in this thing together’. Your salary negotiation benefits everyone including you, your employer, your customers, your family, and even your colleagues. Call it the ripple effect. The relief you will feel as a result of bringing your inadequate pay to your boss’s attention will be felt by everyone around you.
    2. Any discussion about pay comes from a place of mutual respect and admiration. It starts with you. If you hate your boss any discussion about pay is doomed to fail.
    3. The market rates for salary (salary.com, payscale.com, glassdoor.com) are benchmarks and not gospel truth. They provide a general guideline of what people earn who do a job that is called something like the one you do or want to do. Market surveys provide a ballpark range, a rough estimate, a soft number. Do you see where I’m going here? YOU ultimately decide what you’re worth.
    4. You and you alone bring a unique set of skills and talents. You may be a great C++ coder but when you are talking about money with your boss you must convince him how your company thrives because YOU are their C++ coder.
    5. Your salary reflects human bias. Be aware of your own biases and know that your boss has them too. Gender, race, and age are all common biases. According to the American Library Association http://www.ala.org/advocacy/diversity/workplace/bias “One of the best ways to eliminate a bias is to prove it wrong through personal experience and engagement.” So during your salary discussion you will show your boss how committed you are to the company through documented proof of your actions and results.
    6. Courage is necessary. Unless you talk about salary everyday with your boss it’s likely this conversation about money will make you nervous. Expect it. Speak your truth even if your voice is trembling.
    7. Rejection is part of the process. “No” is not failure to get the salary you wanted but rather an opportunity to revisit the topic at a later time.
    8. Have fun. Life is supposed to be fun right? Your discussion about money is part of the game. Play with this conversation!
    9. You are a warrior of the light! What? Really! Any opportunity to discuss your work and how you bring value to your company is an opportunity to shine the light on your great accomplishments. Believe me he may be your boss but he is not watching your every move. Let him know how you are successful.
    10. Everyone earns what they think they are worth. If you think you are worth more than you are earning now, then its time to break free and ask for a raise.

Your pay raise preparations could take many months before you actually ask for one. Documentation of your good work and mindset shifts will take time. Be patient and know you are on the right path.

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Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

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