10 tips for raising your income by the end of the year

  1. Join a group of friends, colleagues, supporters moving in the same direction….up!
  2. Practice asking for what you want in such a way that the other side wins. Do this so you know earning more will NOT come at the expense of anyone else. Everyone wins when you earn more.
  3. Lean on someone daily, repeat daily, to keep you accountable. Don’t forget to return the favor.
  4. Figure out how much more you would like to earn in real dollars. “I want to earn $10,000 more by the end of the year.” Sounds good doesn’t it?
  5. Make a list of your income sources that will help you reach your income goal. There are many ways to earn more by the end of the year and they are all completely legal! Some examples are: a new job with a new company for higher pay; shifting the focus of your financial investments (for example from money market to longer term, higher ‘risk’ strategies); getting a promotion at work…with more pay of course; asking for a pay raise without getting a promotion; hustling more sales; selling an item that is collecting dust in your storage closet; renting a property that is empty half the year. The list is endless!
  6. What’s your why? Hint: a new fabulous purse won’t be enough to keep you motivated to earn more but something of intrinsic value will. A leadership program you’ve always wanted to sign up for that will help enrich the lives of others; an upgrade to your skills so you can earn more in the future; paying down your credit card debt to reduce stress and restore harmony in your family; sending a monetary gift to your favorite charity; purchasing a new guitar so you can begin playing again and living with joy.
  7. Shut out naysayer messages. Better yet, don’t tell anyone what you’re up to. No one needs to know especially those people who are the jealous types and take great pride in bringing others down in order to avoid their own misery.
  8. Have Fun. There will be obstacles you did not foresee on the way to raising your income. Have fun maneuvering around them. Make it a game!

    Money is a fun and creative source of energy!

    If earning more feels like greed or drudgery, stop! Now! Reconnect with your why!

  9. Stay focused on your goal, not maniacally focused, but gently focused. This is not an exercise to bring more stress into your life. If it feels like stress, stop! Now! Reconnect to your why! Oh, did I already say that?
  10. Go for the low hanging income fruit first. List your income generating ideas from easiest sources of cash to more difficult. Is asking for a pay raise on the easy or difficult end of the income source spectrum for you? How about collecting payment from a client? What about selling that bike hanging in your garage?


One way to earn more by the end of the year is to ask for a pay raise. Download my report “Top 10 Tips for Asking And Getting Your Next Pay Raise” here.

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Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

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