Thoughts are things

Your success begins in thought. Whether they are spoken out loud or not, your thoughts are things and are mirrored back to you in the material world. A listener judges every word you speak (unless they are purposefully being non-judgmental). That listener may be a potential employer or client.

As one of my clients put it: “I hate sales calls. I feel like I am intruding and imposing on people.” And the universe was responding in kind by not sending clients her way. You can begin changing your inner dialogue, by re-imagining you, the pushy sales person or the groveling unemployed person, as the valued and welcome member of any team. Your words will naturally follow. Here’s how:

  1. Be of service. When calling on a client or negotiating a salary take the focus off you and put in squarely on the other person in the conversation. Your job is not to convince anyone of anything. Your job is to bring your best service to the world. Start by asking yourself “How can I be helpful to this company?”  Take the heat off of you.
  2. Lead by example. Any time you take action you are leading in life and in business. Taking action by negotiating your salary or asking a client for her business is a great way to show them what you’re made of.  Attract rather than promote.
  3. Honor what you do. Your talents and skills, especially those that come easily to you, are your unique mark in the world. They are gifts given to you at birth and any attempt to describe your skills using negative language and put-downs dishonors your birthright.

Start on your road to success by being mindful of your words. Speak highly of your knowledge, skills, services, desired fees and salary and the universe will reward you.


My knowledge, skills, and abilities are well worth my client’s/employer’s investment in me.

I attract employers and clients who value my skills and services and are willing to pay me well for them.

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  1. Sheryl M. Snitkin
    3 years ago

    Patty, your words of wisdom resonate with me! You really know how to take a person’s fears and turn them around to be powerfully positive. You are great, you truly are!

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Chat With Patty Tanji About Pay Strategies

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