How To Avoid A Job Offer That You Really Don’t Want

Before interviewing for your next job make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment. You may go through the interview process only to receive an offer from a company that is too low, doesn’t have the right benefits, or may even be the wrong job description. Desperation will cause you to take the wrong job.  Make sure your offers come from companies that are aligned with your career and financial goals. 

1. Research the company.  Your salary is the cross section of what you bring to the table and what the company is willing to pay for. Make sure you are interviewing with companies that can pay you the salary you desire.

Consider the following as they will all affect your paycheck:

  • The size of the company. Larger companies may be able to pay you more and provide more benefits such as health care and matching 401k savings plan.
  • The number of years they’ve been in business. Startup company challenges are very different than long standing company challenges.
  • Threats to the industry.
  • The company’s reputation for how it treats its employees (flexible workplace policies, annual bonuses, paid time off, sick days, laid back, hierarchical, democratic).

2. Anchor your salary expectation high.  Its easier to anchor high and negotiate down. It is not possible to ask for $60K after you have told them you want $50K unless you propose more responsibilities or strong performance goals. If you anchor low your potential employer will offer that to you or even less. Their job is to employ you at the least amount of money you are willing to work for.

3. Rock your inner boat. Especially if you are a woman reading this blog. We are taught from a very young age to be nice and to want others to like us.  So we conditioned to take the first offer that comes our way without negotiating. Research show that men are more likely to negotiate. They are conditioned to win, while women are condition to get along. Okay I’m generalizing here. I say we meet in the middle. Ask for what you want with confidence, poise and dignity. But do ask.

Be prepared to negotiate even before you send your resume. Know what salary range you are willing to work for. Ask yourself, can this employer provide what my family needs? When it comes to salary expectation, anchor high, and prove to your potential employer that you are worth every penny of it. For women, the mere act of asking for what you want is an evolutionary gain. You go girl!

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