Good girls don’t ask

“I’m afraid I’ll disappoint my boss”


I’m in the business of pay raises. I help employees align their strengths to their company’s values so that any pay raise request is good for business. But even the most stellar performers at work fear they are rocking the boat or upsetting the status quo by asking for a raise. And indeed, if you have never asked for a pay raise before you will be shifting the status quo. And that’s exactly what the company and you need from time to time. Complacency is a recipe for disengagement and poor business performance.

Here’s how you can overcome  “I’m upsetting the apple cart” and replace it with a “Yes, I earned this raise” mentality:

  1. Your stellar performance reviews, comments from customers, and colleagues about your good work are all indicators that you are worth every penny of your next pay raise. Keep track of your reviews, both formal and informal. Use them to solidify your arguments for your raise.
  2. Clean up your side of the street. If there is some tension between you and your boss start smoothing over the conflict, not for the sake of getting what you want but because it’s the right thing to do on a purely human level. Your goal is to be loved at work by appreciating and tolerating others.
  3. Your pay raise ask is a business proposition. In return for your raise you promise to deliver (fill in the blank) for the company.Chances are you already do that which warrants higher pay but your boss doesn’t know about it. Your pay raise ask is an opportunity to clue him or her in on what you do and the business outcomes you already deliver or propose to deliver.

Women are notorious for being sugar and spice and everything nice. But that does not let you off the hook when it comes to asking for what you want.  Use your niceness to your advantage. Think of your pay raise ask as an opportunity to collaborate with your boss on your company’s success.

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