Attention: Professional Women

Ask for a raise or negotiate your salary. Scary as hell but worth every penny! Free report tells you the exact steps to take to ask for more.

Asking for a raise is scary but, the truth is, guys do it more often than women. Now is your chance to get clear on your value, be your best advocate, and begin earning your ideal income!

Download the free report and learn…

  • Why 25% more is a reasonable pay request
  • The exact words to say when asking for a pay raise or negotiating your salary
  • Who should be at your pay raise presentation
  • The components of your pay raise proposal
  • How to determine, in real dollars, the value you bring to the company
  • When is the best time to ask for a pay raise
  • How to use ‘No’ to your best advantage
  • Why being at the top of your salary range does NOT mean you’ve hit an income wall
  • What NEVER to say when asking for more money


Maureen Laufenberg“When I had a recent salary negotiation, I just knew I had to consult with Patty first, and I am so glad that I did! Her insight, encouragement and wonderful strategies made such a difference in my meeting. I went in with a totally different mind set, and with much greater preparedness to get the compensation that I deserved. Patty worked with me to pull out all of the important details about my needs, we evaluated the market, and she asked me the important questions that left me thoroughly prepared to answer, “so what would you need in a compensation package?”. She challenged me to stand up for the compensation that I deserved, and my preparedness totally paid off.” ~Maureen Laufenberg


images“Patty helped me realize my value to my employer. Going through this process also made my employer aware of how my responsibilities had changed over the past few years. Without her help I would not have asked for or received the raise.”  ~Rosemary B, Executive Assistant

“If you want to get a raise, Patty Tanji is definitely someone to ask for guidance! She is intelligent, knowledgeable, fun and she will help you to get to your next level of competence. Patty helped me understand my worth and to strategize about how to best present my skills and ideas. Role playing with her built my confidence. Also, I was able to see what next steps I need to do to prepare for asking for the salary I desire. Thanks Patty!”  ~Louann L, Program Director, Non-profit